Triple XXX Anabolic – A Cocktail of Substances

Triple XXX is a product which appeared recently on the market. Being brand new, there are very few information about it and a huge demand for quality information. On the internet, on the forums and even in the gyms, everybody’s talking about Triple XXX and everybody wants to know more.

Here is we’ve gathered for you! The main idea is that Triple XXX is practically a cocktail of multiple substances, in different quantities, with different characteristics and properties. In the following, we will present the composition of this product.

Substance: Dihydroxyflavone
Quantity: 5mg.

Dihydroxyflavone is a synthetic flavone. It is practically structured from the substance called Chysin, substance that can be found naturally in plants like Blue Passion Flower or like Indian Trumpet Flower. It is also found in small amounts in honeycombs.

Dihydroxyflavone has shown impressive results in increasing the testosterone levels and also the libido.

According to some new studies, conducted by the CDC, UCLA and Georgia State and supported by the National Institutes of Health; Dihydroxyflavone shows impressive results when it is being used as a defense against diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Substance:  Boron Gluconate
Quantity: 5mg.

Boron Gluconate also known as Borogluconate, is found in the human body in very small amounts. The body uses this substance for the proper metabolism of: phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It helps people to have healthy bones. According to some medical studies, Boron Gluconate is very important in the arthritis treatment.

It also promotes and increased alertness and the proper functioning of the brain. Boron Gluconate is considered to be a real help for those who want to build muscles.

Because it enhances the testosterone levels, Boron Gluconate is very popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

According to a study, the levels of estrogen and testosterone increase considerably with only 3 mg. of Boron Gluconate per. day. This helps bodybuilders to obtain well defined muscle mass and sturdiness.

Substance:  Tribulus Terrestris
Quantity:  500mg.

Tribulus Terrestrisis practically a flowering plant, which is also called “the Puncture Vine” and has spines.

It is used in the alternative medicine and also as a dietary supplement. It is very popular and appreciated for increasing the sex drive.

According to a Bulgarian study conducted in the 1970’s TribulusTerrestrishas effects on testosterone and on the luteinizing hormone. This helps a lot the men from the infertile couples. The men who took this supplement observed an increase in their testosterone levels and better sexual performance.

TribulusTerrestris is also very appreciated by bodybuilders and athletes. They use it as a dietary supplement for muscle building.

TribulusTerrestris has the amazing capacity of restoring the natural body testosterone levels.

Substance:  19-Norandrosta 4,9diene 3, 17 Dione

Quantity:  40 mg.

Norandrosta is a 19-carbon steroid hormone produced by the ovaries, testicles and adrenal glands. It plays an important role in the production of: estradiol, estrogen estrone and androgen testosterone.

Estradiol is a sex hormone like testosterone.

According to some studies Norandrosta increases the testosterone levels in male’s body.

Norandrostra is also known as a steroid that improves the body performances, by helping in the androgenic and anabolic effects of the muscle building process.

Triple XXX Usage

When you decide to start a treatment with this anabolic compound, make sure you are using it in the right way.

It is recommended to take 1 to 3 pills per day. And the best way to use Triple XXX is by taking 1 tablet per day, for 9 weeks, with 30 minutes before starting the workout.

Triple XXX Effects

Using this anabolic compound offers impressive effects for those who want to gain some muscle mass. Due to its components, Triple XXX also increases the levels of testosterone.

This is why Triple XXX has great effects if you want to obtain muscle mass and to lose fat.

Another effects are: speed and strength improvement and better defined muscles.

Until this moment no side effects were observed, but as any medicine or substance has negative effects if it is over-used. 

If Triple XXX is over-used, it could cause liver problems, heart problems or problems with the immune system.

Too high doses of Triple XXX could lead to an increased blood pressure, which in time can cause heart problems. The blood cholesterol levels also could be affected.

Remember that if you decide to start a treatment with this anabolic compound is very important to respect the recommended dose. Like this, you will avoid any possible side effect and you will enjoy the benefits.

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The Use and Abuse of Triple XXX Anabolic Compound

triplexxxanabolicMany have been intrigued by the newest steroid compound available in the market called Tripple XXX Anabolic, but little is known of its effects within the body. According to research, this steroid contains a mixture of 5 mg Dihydroxyflavone, 5 mg Boron (Gluconate), 500 mg Tribulus Terrestris, and 40 mg of 19-Norandrosta 4,9 diene 3, 17 Dione.

This steroid can drastically define your muscles and help in weight loss because of its compounds. You can also have increased stamina and improved performance. However, if misused, whether you’ve abruptly stopped taking it or increased dosage on your own, it will result in some serious health problems. Some of these adverse effects are increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Your liver and immune system may also be affected in the long run. So, it is imperative to consult your personal physician before, during and after taking a cycle of it.